Travel Log: Elysium City of Templemore

Quality sims are not hard to come by in SecondLife. Quality time, however, is.

I found some, though, and took a stroll through Elysium City of Templemore today, and what a lovely day it was! When I arrived there was a live music marathon in full swing, and I swayed to the music for a bit before venturing off to walk the lovely sun-dappled streets with a little furry friend of mine.

Meet People
Meet People

I thought about what I’ve been doing with my time in SecondLife these past six months; the ups and downs, the people I’ve met, and those who’ve fallen by the wayside. I sighed and consoled myself that though I haven’t been productive in ways I can show you, I have been finding my way along the path that winds and enjoying the moments as they come.

Lost Numbers
Lost Numbers

There is so much pressure to be “doing something”, making a name for yourself, keeping up with the pack. When you step off the road and watch the race, you find yourself appreciating, all the more, all of the hard work that goes into this world to make it vibrant and interesting. There are so many messages to receive, but the one that should never be lost is that it waits to be enjoyed. Don’t let it slip by as you race past – stop and look!

Gone to the Dogs
Gone to the Dogs

In a way, SecondLife is like Never-Never Land. We step through a window and fly to a destination, abandon our cares of reality, and go to places where we need not be who we are now, but who we wish to be. We never grow old, and we never die.

Third Star to the Right
Third Star to the Right

We play. We play for an audience of thousands, and we play for an audience of one. We play one role, or we play many. We direct our own action, light the stage to create the mood, and deliver ourselves to a magical place where we are the star. This play never really has an ending, only a series of moments, continuous and free flowing. The characters are us, and we dance to the music that weaves it all together. We watch it unfold before us, the actors, the audience, as we come together as a community.

The World is a Stage_001
The World is a Stage

I hope you’ll take some time in Elysium City of Templemore to find the joy that a simple walk can bring you.

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