My Wave


We had a visitor to Burnsey’s Gallery the other day – I’m so excited! Haha! That’s one guest signature in my guestbook. I’m so easily made happy, aren’t I? Thank you, kind visitor.

I’ve been a bit scattered lately in my SecondLife pursuits. I’ve visited a few locations, taken a few photos, shopped a bit, and when I’m not in world, I’m playing with, Qavimator and Blender. I have such a long way to go to get anywhere in my interests. I look at my photos lately and they feel uninspired, so I’ve been lurking around art galleries and Flickr accounts, getting ideas and wishing I had more time to spend on being creative.

LICK Sim Designs - The McFly Project
LICK Sim Designs – The McFly Project

I think that haphazard way of mine is reflected in my blog, as well, but to be honest this hasn’t been high on my priority list. Build a readership? What? A brand? Huh? Oh, I know, I’ve read the helpful advice and thought about how I haven’t heeded that advice, and then the wanderlust grabs me and I’m off again, to do other things. Life is an adventure. I simply go with the flow.

Pandora's Box of Dreams 4: Del Mar Dream
Pandora’s Box of Dreams 4: Del Mar Dream

I keep thinking I have plenty of time, you know? I sometimes feel as if I’ve wasted too much time, and need to hurry up and make something of myself in my second life. I find myself feeling competitive, comparing my pictures to others, my style to others, my existence to others. Still, I stop and tell myself “What’s the rush? Just – you be you!” Thing is, me being me is a large handful of procrastination, a heaping spoonful of daydreaming, and a pinch of introverted self-isolation. There’s always tomorrow. At least until Project Sansar is released and everything changes. For better or worse – I don’t know.

Paradise Artist Colony
Paradise Artist Colony

Still, I can’t deny that pursuing a direction, with my interest very firmly in art and mesh design, has made me happy. I don’t have a lot of time to spend, and really spend more than I can afford to at times, but this particular recreation has given me a purpose in learning new things and finding something more inside myself as a means of expression. It may sound trite and seem trivial, but it’s important to me in a way that it never really was before, and I think that’s a positive. This is my wave, I guess you could say – more like a ripple, maybe, but hey! You have to start somewhere.


4 thoughts on “My Wave

    1. Thank you, Saoirse! I’ve read about the fellowship, but didn’t think seriously that I’m qualified. I’ll drop you a line soon. I’d be happy to talk. πŸ™‚


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