Travel Log: NMC Campus West … and Burnsey’s Gallery!

Yesterday I dropped in to the sim that houses the Aho Museum, NMC Campus West, and landed in front of this sign:

NMC Aho Museum1_001
Near the landing point at the Aho Museum, NMC Campus West

So, you know, I assume that means the sims are closing, right?

I click the sign, get the notecard, and between then and now I must have read it half a dozen times. I start drafting this blog, thinking I’m going to let you all know that this beautiful place I’ve never been to before is going away, and you better hurry or you’ll miss it … and then I realize that August 26th isn’t a Sunday, at least not this year.

The notecard is dated 2012-08-23. So there’s no hurry, I suppose.

Aho Museum - NMC Campus West
Aho Museum – NMC Campus West

The original Aho Museum was erected in June 2006, and is curated by Tayzia Abattoir, the NMC Virtual Worlds Community Services Manager. Inside you’ll find original art works from 2004-2006 that I found really inspirational, as someone who is still trying to figure out how to twist and torture prims into something beautiful, which is done with amazing detail here. It all looks very, erm, primitive I would imagine, given the advent of sculpt and mesh, but I studied those pieces very closely for clues on how they were constructed as if they were brand spanking new. It’s got a bit of nostalgia as well, taking us back to the early days of SL and the visions those early artists had to express themselves artistically in a virtual world. Like The Greatest Story Ever Told (SL History – 1999-2015), it brings us back in time with visual representations of some of the best art of the times in which they were created, and reminds us how far virtual world art has come.

NMC Aho Museum3_001
Rear view of Aho Museum

I really enjoyed this piece, it was the only one I photographed there, but really all of them are interesting and whimsical in their own ways.

Primolution by Stella Costello 2004
Primolution by Stella Costello 2004

I only had time to visit the museum, but the entire campus is worth a leisurely visit if you have the time as there is a real university campus feel in place with common areas, a ballroom, an amphitheatre, a library, a conference center and even a 60 minute sandbox if you are suddenly inspired to create. Head north and you’ll find yourself on Ars Simulacra, NMC’s SL Artist Showcase Island, with more recent works displayed outdoors. At least now I know I have to time to get back there, until the next time they say goodbye, which hopefully won’t have to happen.

Burnsey's Gallery is open!
Burnsey’s Gallery is open!

On a separate note, the gallery I’ve tentatively named Burnsey’s (for lack of a better idea just yet) is open for visitors! It’s on my home parcel which, as I mentioned previously, now spans almost a 1/4 sim. It’s really still under construction, because it probably always will be, but feel free to drop in and have a look around. If you sign the guestbook in the gallery you’ll really make my day. Seriously, I’ll totally trip. I’ve hung a small collection of some of my favorite photos taken at various places I’ve visited on the grid, and I’ve made copies available at no charge if you see something you like. There are interactive easels inside, so you can paint a work of art or a few of my selfies, whichever you prefer to “create.” If you stop in you’ll get to see Burnsey, who will most likely be sleeping, please forgive his neglect.

Visit Aho Museum – NMC Campus West

Visit Burnsey’s Gallery


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