Travel Log: LivingTree

I’ve been a SecondLife Resident for 259 days (8 months). In that time I’ve learned a lot, but not nearly enough, and SecondLife creators have much to teach – so much for a hungry mind to digest!

I’ve played a bit with textures. I shingled my own roof, even! It was a time-consuming process, though, because I really didn’t know what I was doing, and played with it for quite a while before I was satisfied. I remember thinking, “I wish I had an instruction manual for this!” Well, now I do!

Last week I wandered over to LivingTree, a beautiful sim for your academic study of textures, or just to relax and enjoy a quiet, peaceful place to clear the mind. My first stop was at the Textures Tutorial – the landing point is right in front of it, so you won’t miss it. Step inside, and find a plethora of notecards (I picked up 31 cards, and I’m pretty sure that was all of them) free for the taking. Robin (Sojourner) Wood has taken the time to provide instructions and templates for making apparel, hair, skins, eyes, animated textures, and tutorials on various ways to work with textures – a nice way to begin your foray into creating content in-world. There’s a notecard there with a link to The Particle Laboratory, as well. According to the notecard, “The Particle laboratory was built in April of 2004 by Jopsy Pendragon. It has been extensively renovated twice since and has never moved from its original location in the sky over old mainland region TEAL.” There, you can learn to create custom particle effects, for lots of shiny, sparkly fun.

Livingtree Library_2_001

With my fistfull of notecards, I next stepped into the Texture Library to discover a real treat – lots of books, and not just the decorative kind! There they are, all laid out on tables for you to read in peace, covering a range of topics related to – what else? – textures, of course. I sat down and began to skim through the various titles, but the hour was growing late so I thought to return another time to read more, when I noticed that you can buy the books for L$100 ($2.50 USD) each. Of course, I scooped them up.

Livingtree Library_001

And here they are, on my coffee table, just waiting to educate me. They’re beautifully illustrated, easy to follow, and can be re-sized for easy reading. With the skills I’ll gain from these instructional manuals, they’ll pay for themselves many times over. I’ve already enjoyed spending quiet time at home, with my feet up, reading and learning. Yes, I do like to stay at home sometimes! I would very much like to create content of my own, though I haven’t decided what I’d rather do – make apparel, build, create works of art – but I know that with the resources so generously provided by other SecondLife residents, I can find my way to achieving any of these.

Livingtree Library_3_001_001

If you’re new to SecondLife, and/or just looking for a place to start in gaining knowledge about textures, or even if it’s just a quiet place to read a book that you seek, teleport to LivingTree and you’ll find much to offer to satisfy your cerebral hunger.

Visit LivingTree


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