SL12B – The Premium MeetUp!

Being a premium SL member has its perks, and this time it was a pre-celebration meetup with the Linden Lab crew to kick off the SecondLife 12th Birthday Fest.

That’s me standing next to the bar, where I planted myself for the duration.

As I expected, it drew a crowd. I heard there were over 100 there, spread out over two regions to reduce lag, but I couldn’t tell because, as usual, my viewer was so overcome with the lag that I couldn’t move without my screen turning black and the viewer threatening to crash. I managed to get these shots, though, with much effort and patience, over the course of the hour-long party. My computer has the AMD A10-4600M APU with Radeon HD Graphics, which is one of the worst for virtual world graphics and from what I understand can only be upgraded by replacing the motherboard. I will be buying a gaming PC one day soon. SL photography is my favorite SL hobby, so this is a must.

Oz Linden, with a symbiotic twin growing out of his neck.

It appeared to me that Oz Linden was sat upon some gentleman’s lap, and in my attempt to de-rez this person I inadvertently de-rezzed Oz’s cool leather coat, but the man’s head would not disappear, and so you have here Oz and his siamese twin head, one drinking a beer, the other looking cool and festive.

Shaman Linden, in velociraptor mode.

Since I had to set my graphics to Low in order to stay, I have attempted to photoshop some of these pics for better quality. Yep, I watched a 5-minute YouTube video tutorial on creating depth of field using Paint.Net and this is the result. *Sigh* I must say, though, that the free Velociraptor avatar offered at the landing point (and still available until midnight tonight SLT for premium members) is of wonderful quality and quite entertaining, as well. Shaman wore a wig with hers, and I couldn’t help but giggle.

The lovely Xiola Linden.

Ah, Xiola. I have admired her from afar but this is the first picture I’ve taken of her, and it doesn’t quite do her justice. Her ruby red lipstick would not rez, and I hadn’t the heart to attempt to add it in post-production. Her ensemble was party perfect, of course.

Michael Linden in fez and dino.

Finally, we have Michael Linden, the last Linden I captured before they all departed to return to the business of running SecondLife. Michael is relaxed, getting sand between his toes and other less convenient places without a beach towel to lay upon. There were other Lindens there as well, unfortunately I will have to collect them at future events. I was happy to have captured what I did, though.

The SL12B – What Dreams May Come – Community Celebration opens to the public on Sunday June 21 – 28 and it’s going to be the greatest event on the grid, so mark your calendar and read more about it at If you see me there, standing still and uncommunicative, please feed me birthday cake as I’m probably stuck, silently cursing my GPU.


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