Rev Up for Giant Snail Racing!

Did you know about this?


And if so, why didn’t you tell me???


It’s a funny thing. I thought I was going to Barefoot Wanders, but I wound up on LEA4 where this display of Nitrous-fueled Mollusca Gastropoda delighted me with their creative designs.


So I wondered, as one naturally would, what Giant Snail Racing looks like. These guys don’t look slow – I wondered if the mucous trail they leave is flaming. As luck would have it, you can watch last week’s race on video panels around the display!

My money is on this one. Looks like a winner.

I picked up an LM to the Gulf Coast Racers sim, where you’ll find two race tracks, one on the ground and the other in the sky, and made haste. It’s good clean fun there, with pinball games, a hot air balloon you can drive yourself, giant musical keyboards to skip and dance along, and of course Giant Snail Racing every Saturday at 11AM SLT. Pick up your free, customizable Giant Snail and take a timed lap for some good times. If you want in on the Saturday action, join the Giant Snail Racers group and be sure to read the note cards that come with the Giant Snail Racer avi (apparently you need a snailing license!)

I tried it. It’s not as easy as it you might think. Take a test run, see for yourself. Let me know your best lap time.

Visit Lea4 and Gulf Coast Racers


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