Travel Log: Majilis Al Jinn, Sands of Time – Seventh Wonder of the Virtual World

Four stars. Two thumbs up. Wow!

My travels today led me to a beautiful and exotic locale. Master builder Calein Flux must be a Genie in a bottle to have actualized such a dreamscape. I am in awe.


“The intention I had when starting work on it, was to bring to Second Life a taste of the ‘mystical east’ that seems to have been overshadowed in recent real-world events by a sense, at least from a western perspective, that middle eastern culture was something to be wary of…” – Calein Flux, March 12, 2011


The name Majilis Al Jinn can be translated as “The Congress of the Spirits, where the Jinn are mythical beings of great power that exist somewhere between heaven and earth.” Truly it is a mystical, spiritual place. Beneath the palace is an ancient sunken temple, where Eastern mysticism collides with modern day stories of ancient origin – a Stargate dialer suggests otherworldly influences. The creator mentions in the notecard available at the landing point that it is beneath the palace that his most interesting creation is hidden. I, however, would say that the sim as a whole is one of the most interesting places SecondLife has to offer, and I most sincerely applaud Calein Flux’s efforts to create and share this with all of us.

Majilis_Al_Jinn_3_001 Majilis_Al_Jinn_4_001 Majilis_Al_Jinn_5_001I was only sad to find myself in such a romantic place without someone special to enjoy it with. Scattered throughout the sim are sumptuous furnishings, verandas and various cozy rendezvous spots tucked away, offering lovely views of ocean sunsets and perhaps the occasional flying carpet if you look hard enough. 1001 Arabian nights must have been spent here simply falling in love, be it with a Prince of Persia or with the heavenly world of Majilis Al Jinn. Between heaven and earth, this is the place I would always wish to be.

Visit Majilis Al Jinn


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