Travel Log: The Tower Reloaded by Solkide Auer

The landing point at The Tower Reloaded by Solkide Auer – your tour guide awaits!

I had the opportunity today to visit LEA 13, where The Tower Reloaded by Solkide Auer is on display. It was a nice way to start my day, as this installation provides a flying tour of the structures that make up this towering and trippy piece. Simply take a seat on the jet-fueled sofa and off you go! There’s room for two, so bring a friend.


Slowly you rise high into the atmosphere, and as you ascend you are treated to a series of structures of intricate and colorful design. The constructs are made of spherical and cubic designs, aligned one above the other. I didn’t count them, but half of the 20 or so minute ride is the ascension, where you see each structure from the exterior (you’ll be in mouse look view when you sit, which is best for viewing properly). I took the ride through a day cycle and a night cycle, and both offer a stunning view, so I recommend riding more than once!


The second half of the ride is for the descent, which, I warn you, is a little disconcerting. As you come down, you pass through the center of the structures, down the axis of the installation, and it’s like passing through a kaleidoscope. For this leg of the trip, I recommend looking straight up to get the full acid-trip effect.


It’s no coincidence, then, that you are seated in lotus position throughout the tour. Let the energy flow through you (and it will!) ponder the mystery of the universe, or dive deep into your minds eye, as this experience urges you to do through visual sensory overload.

Visit LEA13 for The Tower Reloaded by Solkide Auer



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