Back to Life, Back to Virtuality


I picked up this lovely diamond pose prop at the Amplituhedron exhibit today at LEA25 (free!). I didn’t get to see everything there as I finally caught up with a friend on IM that I haven’t seen in a long time while I was there, so of course I left to spend some time and I’ll have to go back to see it again, and to get the rest of the free stuff!

The exhibit is massive, and for me was a challenge to photograph … so I didn’t. I just couldn’t do it justice. I had a good angle lined up and was tweaking my graphics settings when my viewer crashed, and decided it was just too much for me. I really push the limits of my graphics card, let me tell you. I’m still learning how to use the phototools and graphics settings in SL photography, and these past few weeks have taken me to school on that task. Fantasy Faire 2015 was an amazing event, and I didn’t let a chance go by without going there and taking some pictures. It was a lot of fun to walk from one sim to the next, thirteen in all, but it was also a challenge. There were so many visitors during the day that the lag was tremendous – one time I was stuck in place for at least half an hour, unable to move or see anything rezzed properly! At night, though, the crowds thinned and it was much easier to get around and see the gorgeous builds. So much talent in our wonderful creators, I’m grateful for and awed by their work. You can click on the sidebar to see some of my photos, or go to my Flickr page for a look.

Caelin the chameleon … erm, butterfly

So that kept me busy. I submitted some photos to the Fantasy Faire Photography Contest for a chance to have one of my photos featured in a real life calendar to benefit Relay For Life (The American Cancer Society) – possibly even the cover. I don’t really think I have a snowball’s chance in Hades compared to some of the other submissions, but as I said before, it was a learning experience. I have a long way to go to be as good as Wildstar Beaumont, for instance – his work is insanely beautiful. There’s so much inspiration in the SL Flickr groups. Perhaps next year we’ll see a big improvement in what I produce.

Once the faire was over and done, I was back to previous pursuits – the hunt for the ultimate avatar to satisfy my insatiable desire for perfection. I’m still a long way off from that. I mentioned in a previous post my aggravation with my mesh avatar, and it is ongoing. I dropped a fat wad of Lindens on The Mesh Project body and head, and have yet to be satisfied with it. While she’s a beauty, like most beauties, she’s also a handful. She’s glitchy – somehow a texture from one of my dresses got stuck on the torso around the middle and I have to put on my TMP ripped jeans to make it go away, then I can detach those and wear something else. The wearing of something else is also an issue – nothing outside of TMP apparel fits right, no matter how many sliders I manipulate. There’s also the problem of finding styles I actually like made with TMP appliers – good luck with that one! I have scoured the marketplace, and done a good bit of looking in world, to almost no avail. Oh, and I can’t fathom why The Shops! has completely shut down the boutique in preparation for the Spring/Summer line. You can’t even get the previous season’s items at all! It’s been weeks now. WTH The Shops?? Also, somebody tell me who thought it would be a good idea to make all the TMP mesh heads with frowny faces? I get it, the supermodels stopped smiling back in the ’90s but for cryin’ out loud, why so angry?

Caelin as an unhappy-looking sort-of-Asian-looking TMP mesh body avi
Caelin as an unhappy-looking sort-of-Asian-looking TMP mesh body avi

So last night, I came across the LOGO Infinity Chloe Mesh Hybrid avatar (the top photo) and picked it up for a song (L$2,499.00). It’s awesome in some ways. The HUD is chock full of goodies to style her up nicely, and because only her head is mesh I can wear anything I like. The head has about a dozen expressions, a variety of eyes, makeups, the shading of the nose changes her look dramatically, and she looks completely approachable, not like a supermodel from a fashion magazine, but like a real girl. The downside is she doesn’t look nearly as good in the nude as my TMP avi, and my sLink hands and feet don’t match up well with the skin LOGO provided (but there were six skins with loads of options, including “sexy breasts” which I haven’t tried on yet), so I’ve decided she’ll be my every day walking around avi, and I’ll save the TMP for future photo sessions in my sky box photo studio, which hasn’t seen nearly enough action. Of course, these are Caelin issues; Thea is too cerebral and serious to care much about her appearance and is happy with her Belleza Claudia avi. (Yes, I’m still having that multiple personality disorder issue, get used to it!)

Thea just. Doesn't. Care about your fashion conundrums, Caelin.
Thea just. Doesn’t. Care about your fashion conundrums, Caelin.

I think this weekend I’ll check out Madpea’s UNIA and get some role play action on. Maybe I’ll see you there?


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