Travel Log: Remnants of Earth

I donned my service bot avi today and explored Remnants of Earth for several hours, a platform for a new tabletop role playing game in SecondLife. I always get a little nervous about entering RPG worlds and feel like, since I won’t be participating, at least I should try to fit in to the environment. You know, be inconspicuous, so as not to detract from the games in play. I decided, based on what I’d read about it, to go in as a cybernetic and blend into the dystopian background and observe. It was dark when I arrived at the recruitment station, so I felt comfortable to stand back against the wall and collect everything I’d need to get the scoop (about a dozen notecards, an inventory HUD, a titler, and if I choose to go back and try to play, I’ll pick up the adventure pack and some weapons).


The setting is the city of Horizon, a Mecca in the midst of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, inhabited by various life-forms engaged in the business of survival of the fittest. To get the full story behind Remnants of Earth, check out the blog. Billed as a cyberpunk fantasy, the residents of Horizon are as colorful and intriguing as the world they inhabit. There is housing available for rent, and from what I could tell it all appeared to be shipping containers, which seemed appropriate. There’s a nightclub venue, and a bar & grill, but as cybernetics don’t eat I had no use for that, and apparently did not carry the correct credentials to do so even if I’d wanted to (perhaps I should not have declined the group invite?). I did spy a couple of stalls offering supplies relevant to gameplay, and of course there were vendor panels in the gangway leading to the shuttle port before you enter the city, but nothing else in the way of vendors once you are on the field of play to distract from the immersion in this future world. I easily lost hours simply wandering from wastelands to the city’s water supply basin, from alleys and makeshift neighborhoods to catwalks and rooftops. There were plenty of great places to watch the residents at play from a safe distance, if you’re like me and not prepared to jump into the game right away. The sim was packed, so lag was a bit of an issue, and after struggling to get this one picture saved to disk (it wouldn’t even post to my profile, I suppose because of the lag) I gave up on photography and simply enjoyed the trip.

I’ve bookmarked the website for future study. For someone who has never played an RPG it seems to me there’s a lot of homework to prepare to engage, but there are also bounties to be collected and that could be fun. Perhaps on my next visit I’ll assume the role of a bounty-bot-hunter, ruthless and efficient, and make a name for myself in Horizon before I find myself the next target with a price on my own head. My fate will rest on the roll of the dice.

Visit Remnants of Earth


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