Home is where I rez my heart

Shire home_001
Camp Caelin (click to visit in-world)

Not to confuse things too much, but I actually have two homes. This is the one I spend the most time at, though, and as I built this under another account, I call it Camp Caelin. You’ll be seeing a lot of Caelin around here, as she’ll be contributing, but I felt that Thea needed her own thing, hence this blog. I’ll try not to sound like I have a multiple-personality disorder going forward. Long story short, many people have multiple accounts and curate very separate identities for each. Thea wanted a blog. Thea gets a blog.

It may seem strange, or unwise, to post the location of my home, but I encourage visitors to drop by and enjoy what I’ve put together. This is what may be the first of many themes that I play with on my home turf, as I work on my skills in-world. It’s my own tiny little “sim” and I’ve used this space to learn some very basic skills essential to building an experience in SecondLife: how to choose land for rent or purchase; how to buy everything from buildings to decor, landscaping to animal life, and everything in between; how to rez and edit your purchases; and how to edit the terrain it all sits on. I have what I’d call level 1.5 building skills; that is I can rez a prim (a virtual building block of sorts) and I once built a wall with a door and window, textures, and a script to make the door open and close, but beyond that I’m clueless, so I use the power of the Linden dollar instead (Lindens are the local currency). Someday I may design and create these things myself, but for now there is so much on offer in the SecondLife Marketplace that it isn’t too hard to make my dreams a reality … though it can be expensive.

Lakeside, I’ve created a cozy campground on the shore of (for lack of an actual name that I know of) what I’ll call Shire Lake, as the region it surrounds is known as Shire. It’s a residential region, rated Moderate, and so I’ll admit up front that Camp Caelin offers the opportunity to possibly break the rules. If you drop in, you’ll soon figure out what I mean by that. One of the attractions of SecondLife is the romance factor, and I’ve played with that in the making of Camp Caelin. Surrounded by mountainous terrain, the camp features three campsites, from your basic pup-tent, to a cozy treehouse made for one or two for the adult kid in you, to a shabby-chic tent/love nest complete with an outdoor vanity and a “guard frog” to protect you from the bears that wander near the shore. Surrounded by a field of wildflowers and some lively apple trees ripe for the picking, there’s a campfire ring with seating for eight to enjoy an evening of chat, cuddles by firelight, campfire songs, or whatever happy campers like to do around burning piles of wood. There’s even an outdoor movie screen pavilion for theatrical entertainment under the stars! On the plateau above camp is where I keep my home, as well as an office/greenhouse for my personal use, and those are usually locked, but if you stop by for a visit when I’m home I’ll be happy to let you in for a peek.

Visit Camp Caelin


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