Hello world!

Thea Dreem, author and SecondLife resident.

SecondLife is my virtual home, an immersive world of endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination. I’ve made this world my home for about seven months now, and have barely scratched the surface of all that it has to offer. From exploring worlds that range from realistic to Land of Oz fantastical, to visiting the hot spots for social interaction with other users, to settling on a region and building my own home, the time has flown by and it occurred to me that there’s much to be shared about my SecondLife experiences. And so I begin.

If you’re an SL resident, too, rest assured that this will be the noobiest of all noob blogs, and I’m ok with that. I’ve been reading the SL community’s blogs for a few months, and I must say, I’m so impressed! Really, I’m almost always impressed by the creativity and imagination of SL residents. Most of all, though, I’m inspired. I want to write, and create incredible photos, learn to build and create products for use in-world, get involved in community events, and meet the most interesting and creative minds from all over the world. Though it may take some time (a lot of time?) nothing seems out of reach there.

Until then, you’ll find me assimilating to the ways of the world, growing pains and all. In this blog I’ll chronicle my travels, share my experiences and vent my frustrations (mesh bodies are at the top my list for that!). I’ll post my amateur attempts at photography – and I warn you now, they’ll all be raw shots as long as I continue in my ignorance of Photoshop – and with time and practice hope to progress in the quality and beauty that’s possible. I take a lot of selfies and like to focus on works of art as well, but who knows what might catch my eye and find its way here.

Years from now, I might look back at this and laugh. Just like real life, sometimes you soar and sometimes you fall, and sometimes you think you’re the height of fashion, and who doesn’t have those pictures hidden away of you in your MC Hammer pants with crimped hair and blue mascara (not necessarily a confession of guilt, that last). It’s just a blog about a life, one little virtual life amongst thousands, but I’ll keep it up for the laughs, the tears, and the evolution of this part of my virtual life … the rezzy part.


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